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Common Problems of Women with their Vagina

Most women admit to having faced one vaginal problem or another in their lifetime, and nearly all of them wish they had more information to help them live a normal life devoid of worry. Different problems of the vagina have unique symptoms, but the constant is discomfort almost always accompanied by foul odors.

Here are common problems of women with their vagina including some self-care tips to make things more bearable:

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)

hgdhgdd6hg4This is a condition in which the balance between good and bad bacteria in the vagina is interrupted. No one knows for sure how or why this happens, but there are suggestions that multiple sexual partners or douching could be the reason. A woman with BV often experiences gray discharge with a fishy smell and anyone may  suffer from this problem whether they are sexually active or not.

You need to visit the Gyno for proper diagnosis and treatment of this infection which might cause problems in pregnancy. Avoid douching or using harsh soaps that could cause bacterial overgrowth in the vagina.


This is a condition characterized by stabbing pain in the vulva, general discomfort, itching, and even burning. Most medics use the term vulvodynia to describe any lasting, chronic pain in the vulva that is not caused by other medical conditions. While the real cause of this problem is still, vague experts believe that hormones and nerves play a huge role in the pain.

It is important to see a doctor for proper diagnosis so that you can begin self-care to get some relief. There might be no cure for this condition at the moment, but loose fitting clothes, cool gel packs, local anestheti, and physical therapy might help.

Bartholin’s cyst

If you reached down and felt a strange bump or lump, don’t panic as it could be just an ingrown hair. However, it might be Bartholin’s cyst – swelling of a pair of glands that secrete lubricating fluid in the vagina. Blockage of these glands causes them to swell making them even more susceptible to infections. If it is indeed a swelling of these glands, you need to see a doctor who will surgically drain it to save you from discomfort. Ingrown hairs, on the other hand, are easy to remove at home using a warm compress.


Loose Vagina

Having a slack pussy is another cause of distress among women especially those who have already given birth. Luckily, there are several remedies for this condition. Check out and take a look at the simple exercises that you can do to strengthen your vaginal muscles. You can also get more tips on how to tighten your vagina naturally on their blog.


Women are all used to hearing about yeast infections but have very scanty knowledge about other common vaginal problems like BV, Vulvodynia, and Bartholin’s cyst. Be an exception by understanding such conditions so you know the appropriate action to take when faced with anyone of them.

How To Recognize An Addiction

bar-1248841_640Addiction to alcohol, drugs, food, or nicotine or medications is a chronic disease which can cause serious problems; destroy the immune system and induce numerous consequences that can ruin the overall health. Unable to deal with unexpected problems and stress, some people reach for a particular food, alcoholic beverages, medications or even drugs to cope with pressure and problems. But the problem is that some people don’t know how to stay on the other side of the line that limits regular and addictive use. In fact, most of them are not even aware that it is addiction until it is too late.

Signs of addiction

fear-615989_640Even though the kinds of addiction may differ, they all have most of the common signs and symptoms.

The change in behavior is the first and the most common sign of all people with an addiction. They will avoid any event or situation that may prevent them to feed the addiction.

Sudden mode swings, tantrums and nervousness and lack of control when the thing the person is addicted to cannot be consumed are another signs that the person probably has a problem with addiction.

Moreover, addicts are more likely to keep secrets about their activities or find excuses for their excessive consumption of something by blaming others for their behavior.

Types of addiction

drugs-1276787_640The person can become addict to almost everything that is used excessively. Also, there are addictions to particular behaviors such as gambling, betting, video games and so on.

The most common types of addiction that can reach a point at which may be harmful and disastrous for the health are:

-drug addiction includes may include addiction to only one substance or the combination of stimulants, hallucinogens, inhalants and heroin.

-alcohol addiction is also one of the most common type of addiction which can affect every organ causing serious complication such as liver disease, cancer and heart attack

drug-943759_640-food addiction includes the excessive use of foods reach in sugar, animal fat, and salt can cause cardiovascular problems.

-prescription drug addiction which is becoming a serious problem and include excessive use of painkillers, CNS depressants, sedatives, and stimulants.

-nicotine addiction can cause serious damage to the respiratory system

How to break the vicious circle

recoveryThe very first thing that an addict should do is to admit that he/she has a problem with addiction. This is the first and the most important step in the fight against addiction. Facing the fact that a person has a problem is the first sign that he is ready to take another step and to step out of the old patterns.

Rehab can be extremely exhausting, and it can easily break the addict’s will to be cured, that’s why it is crucial to count on the family members and friends and count on their support and encouragement.

 Treatments and Complications

Treatments include rehab programs, regular visits to therapists and psychologist, medical detoxification and the use of medications that will relieve withdrawal symptoms.

Once the person starts the rehabilitation, it is possible that the damage caused by addiction will become visible and more prominent. But it can be treated and cure successfully for as long as the person stay away from the addiction.

Human Touch

In moments of anxiety, fear and pain we tend to solicit touch. Receptors in our skin can be activated by squeeze, embrace or massage. When they are activated, they send a signal to the brain to produce oxytocin, a hormone that is responsible for painkilling and stress relieving. The sad truth is that we only seek someone’s touch when we are afraid or hurt. And that’s how we miss “happy touch” that we can produce without feeling hurt or scared.

Here’re a few tips how to produce it every day!

Just hug

romance-couple-1209046_640Hugging sends messages to the whole body. By hugging someone, the body receives calming messages that go to nerves and then extend to the muscles, heart and stomach. Heart rate slows and the blood pressure drops, which makes you feel more relaxed. So, hug your friends, your relatives, your boyfriend/girlfriend, even your pet – it will help you, but it will also help them too.

Find something soft

newborn-1399193_640Subconsciously, we tend to enjoy soft fabrics and objects. Soft fabrics make the feeling of safety and comfort, which reminds us of childhood – when we didn’t have worries and when we were under the parents protection. It calms our body and makes us relaxed during those tough days that we can’t handle easily. So, grab your soft blanket and enjoy!


wellness-285587_640Both giving and receiving a massage is beneficial. Massage delivers relaxation effects, ease pain, and charge energy. There are various types of massages, so pick one that fits you. You can choose between Balinese massage, Anima massage, Foot massage, Medical massage, Sports massage, Stones massage, etc.

On the other side – seeing someone enjoy your massage relaxes your body and brain too. So, next time someone asks for a massage, do it with happiness.

Spend time in/with nature

pregnant-775028_640Just the feeling of being outside can make you feel relaxed, less stressed, energized and happy. It’s summertime, which means that now you can enjoy with full lungs. Walk barefoot on grass, or sand, play various games with your friends or pet, go swimming, go to the forest, explore that beautiful world around you.

Spend time with animals

dog-454145_640It’s well known that animals are stress relievers. By touching animals our body and brain relax, our blood pressure drops and the happy hormones are getting into the brain. Their soft fur is very helpful for our health, as well as their love towards us. Animals are also very interesting, so you will never get bored with them. Grab your dog, your cat, pet a stray animal on the street. You will see the benefit at the exact moment.


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