How to treat herpes on lips

Herpes simplex virus can be hushed for years, but when he wakes up it starts to create many troubles because it invades our body quietly and unobtrusively. Virus type 1 is responsible for labial herpes infection, which causes an air bubble that is unpleasant and that type is also known as the herpes on the lips, while Type 2 usually causes genital herpes. In the following text you will see a small number of recipes and methods to naturally treat herpes.

Appearance of herpes

We first encounter virus herpes simplex back in childhood and the infection usually goes unnoticed: at kids it causes flu-like symptoms and there are no violent manifestations on the skin or mucous membranes. The most common mechanism of transfer is direct contact, or a kiss with an infected adult. From that moment, the virus remains in us until the end of life, and hides in the nerves where the mechanisms of the immune system cannot reach out to eliminate him. The trigger can be any change. For example, exposure to the sun without protection, longer periods of stress, high fever, flu, sudden changes in temperature or the menstrual cycle.

The treatment

care-2285_640Changes in the skin or in the mucous membranes that are caused by oral herpes, and accompanying symptoms of herpes simplex, are withdrawing spontaneously, usually after seven days. However, herpes labialis can be cured within two days, according to the modern doctors and immunologists. If you plan to start treating herpes with medications, the general recommendation is to use acyclovir ointment for herpes. Before the appearance of bubbles, at the first hints of pain and tension you should intervene by using the antiviral drug acyclovir in the form of fat, which is applied to the lip on every 15 minutes, but not longer than two hours. This will avoid the formation of bubbles, and the herpes on the lip will be eliminated in just 48 hours.

Alternative solutions

garlic-618400_640Alternative solutions for herpes on the lip are there. Maybe they are not as fast and efficient as ointment for herpes labialis, but these solutions are based on natural resources and they cannot harm you, because you will not be exposed to additional pharmacological preparations, and on the other hand they will make existing ailments easier and they will alleviate the problem. For example, three cloves of garlic finely grate, and then mix with domestic 100 grams of natural honey. When you do this continually, brush lightly herpes on lip and blend thoroughly to penetrate all the infected parts. Also, for herpes labialis pumpkin oil is very well proven, which today can be easily found in almost all plant pharmacies.

Warning for pregnant women

pregnant-1290403_640Pregnant women should be concerned when herpes appear on the lip during pregnancy. However there are no reasons for excessive panic when this change manifests itself on the skin. In most cases it is the herpes simplex virus and the most common cause is the immunity decline during pregnancy. You should certainly tell all you need to your doctor to get proper advice and possibly treatment.